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Application Areas
of Our Paints

1- Metal: Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Galvanized Zamak.
2- Plastic: ABS, PU, ​​PP, PC, Nylon, Plexiglass, PVC, Phenolic resins.
3- Glass

Industrial Plastic

Our product range in this sector allows us to work on a wide variety of materials (ABS, PU, ​​PP, PC, Nylon, Plexiglass, PVC, Phenolic Resins) and industries. Our paints and colors are guaranteed aesthetics, flexibility and resistance to demand testing to meet the needs of every area. We are effective in dyeing sporting goods, home appliances, ovens, kitchen fixtures, car parts, and footwear and clothing accessories.

Fashion Accessories

One of the most demanding industries in terms of quality requires the best. Products painted with Contecolor products belong to the most famous and important names in the industry. In addition to meeting aesthetic requirements, our products also meet test requirements such as turbines, dry cleaning, sulfur dioxide and synthetic sweat. The paints we formulate are applied to galvanized zamak, nickel, brass and aluminum.

Metal Furniture

Metals such as stainless, brass, copper and iron are the materials our customers use in this sector. We cover all kinds of resistance against oxidation, UV light, scratches and stains caused by kitchen or cleaning agents. To meet the needs of our customers operating internationally in the best luxury hotels and shops, we have paints that can meet these needs and at the same time preserve the aesthetic value and beauty of metal.

Glass Packaging

Our company, which is sensitive to the protection of both the environment and health, has developed its water-based paint series. Paints can be colored with mono or two-component, glossy, opaque and frost, transparency, pastel, pearl and metallized effects.

Eyewear Sector

Contecolor has been operating in the eyewear industry for over two decades, with an offer that includes galvanized metal glasses and plastic glasses.


These are applied to frames (nickel-chrome, nickel-gold, nickel-palladium, titanium) already subjected to various galvanic pre-treatment. Our glossy and opaque varnishes are fully compliant with European safety standards, offer a high quality finish enriched with a wide range of colors available to our customers and meet the requirements of the industry required tests.


These are applied to details in acetate (injected, sheets) or cellulose propionate, nylon (Grilamid TR90), carbon fiber and polyurethane. As with metal paints, they are enriched with bright, opaque solutions and colors with different properties depending on the material they are applied to. Two-component water-based products are increasingly used in this sector. All products are tested according to regulations.
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